The Gospel of Arnie
After he's baptized with beer and bong water, teenager Arnie Schultz begins to preach at a Catholic college on the California coast. But Arnie's gospel is different from the one Jesus taught-while Jesus brought the Kingdom of God to earth, Arnie brings his own vision to campus.

How to Lose Your Faith in Divinity School

When Midwesterner Will Cummings enrolls in divinity school at the University of Boston, where many of the professors are rumored to be atheists, he didn't expect he would actually lose his faith. While in Boston, Will leaves his Catholic faith to wander new pastures. Along with his classmates, he explores a variety of theisms including process theism and the cutting-edge "crypto-atheism," which many of his friends are fast embracing.
Jenna's Flaw
Carl Sorensen arrives at graduate school armed with Nietzsche,
ready to take on the backward beliefs of Nebraska’s Black Forest University. Then he meets Jenna – beautiful, fascinating, seductively unpredictable. She has a dark secret and a dangerous influence on everyone around her. In order to save Jenna and himself, Carl must learn to wield a new weapon.